About Us

Chimney Sweeping

A Member of the Guild of Master Sweeps - We are qualified to sweep and clean all kinds of chimneys that are accessible, sealing up your fireplace prior to doing so, using a powerful vacuum to suck all that soot away!

We sweep residential and commercial chimneys:

  • Houses/bungalows.
  • Pubs.
  • Restaurants.
  • Hotels,
  • Listed properties & Manor houses.


All types of chimneys/flues swept; Open fires, Stoves, Oil burning appliances, Gas burning appliances, Rayburns, Biomass/pellet boilers.

If necessary, we will deal with minor repairs. If you have a stove he can carry out minor repairs, servicing and check for safety. We have all the specialist equipment to sweep any type of flue/chimney, and will carry out a visual inspection of your chimney before and after sweeping, completing a smoke test after sweeping to ensure the functionality of the chimney.

No Mess! No Fuss!

Your home and its contents will be protected by sealing up the opening to the fireplace so that all dust is contained within the fireplace and the vacuum cleaner.