Emergency Call Outs

If you suddenly have unexpected problems with your chimney, we are happy to come out to an emergency in the local area within 30 miles of Ollerton in and around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

Blocked chimney? Give Steve a call on 07860 256182  

How do I know I have a blocked chimney?

A blocked chimney will reveal a problem if it smokes back, or you see soot or debris coming out of the fireplace. Leaves can block your chimney if a tree is too close to your roof especially in the autumn

Trees too close to your chimney pot may also cause down draught, causing your chimney to smoke back, and animals or birds can fall in and become trapped if you do not have a bird guard/cowl fitted.

Don't risk a chimney fire!  Call Steve Ely at once if in doubt.

Animal/Bird Ingress

An artfully placed brush will help encourage a bird or animal back up the chimney and out to freedom again without harming it.  Please note, it is not permitted to disturb a nest whilst birds are nesting  - usually in the springtime.

Your Chimney Sweep can fit a cowl to prevent anything that shouldn't be doing so, getting into your chimney flue again. 

Call us at any time. Better still, prevent an emergency by having your chimneys regularly inspected by a Chimney Sweep.